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Welcome to The Science of Beauty - the magazine for the Australasian Beauty Industry whose focus will be on the education of all sectors of the beauty Industry.

The Editor of the science of beauty is Joy Harrison. Joy has had a 30 year background in the Beauty industry and is well known to many of you as the Editor of the Australasian Journal of Cosmetic Science which she published for 26 years. Joy says “During my time in the beauty industry I have witnessed many changes, some great some not so great but they all fade into insignificance compared with the changes the industry is facing today. The key to keeping on top of these changes is Education and that is where the science of beauty comes in.”

Our regular features include: Business, Marketing, Regulations, Product Safety, New Products, New Equipment, Health and Nutrition, OH&S, Formulations, Sunscreen Information and Standards. We will also have an Asian Correspondent who will keep us up to date with what is happening on the Asian front. We will also be publishing peer reviewed technical articles. These articles are all reviewed by the Technical Committee of The Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists. The members of this committee are all well known and respected in the international scientific world. I know these articles will be of value to you and can be kept and used for future reference. 

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